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One of the advantages of a raised floor is that it is fitted dry, in a very small short space of time and its flexibility makes it possible to overcome any difficulties on the building’s floor slab. In order to take full advantage of these benefits, it is vital that the designer takes several key issues and any ideas the customer wants to incorporate into the floor into consideration during the preparation of the basic plans for the floor, discussing them with bath and beyond’s technical personnel.

In addition to the look of the floor (the covering material used, its finish and colour plus any custom designs), particular attention should be paid to the layout of the cabling systems, as they are a crucial element for raised floors, especially if they are already in place or must be sited unavoidably in a set position. Therefore, a meeting should be arranged between the various people involved at the planning stage in order to establish the exact needs of the systems.

Two further aspects that should also be taken into account when finalizing the plans, are the height of the raised floor and the location of any accessories and services on its surface. Before starting to draw up the plans, it is also essential to arrange an inspection of the premises and check the proper conditions exist to guarantee an optimal installation of the raised floor.

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